Vision Mission
Date: 29-10-2013



Vision :


The faculty aims to implement an innovation system in the field of pharmaceutical education, pharmaceutical manufacturing and community service.


Mission :


Faculty of Pharmacy - Ain Shams University is an educational, research and service institution that adopts innovation and trains pharmacists with professional skills and ethical values through the provision of competency-based education programs that promote competition in the labor market, scientific research and community service.


The Strategic Goals of the Faculty ( 2018 – 2023 ) :


1- Developing the capabilities of academic and administrative leaders and develop regulations .

2- Developing programs and courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies to enhance competition and innovation in the labor market .

3- Strengthen the infrastructure; develop scientific research and support innovation and technology .

4- Developing the capabilities of the teaching staff and the supporting staff .

5- Innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation .

6-Enhance  the efficiency of the administrative system .

7- Strengthen the community services and environmental development .

8. Develop and enhance the services of graduates and support them professionally .

9- Developing a comprehensive quality system and performance evaluation system .

10. Develop and diversify the sources of financial and material resources of the faculty .


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