Student Affairs Sector

The Department of Education and Student Affairs at the faculty provides its services to students studying at the faculty at the undergraduate level as well as to graduates. The department’s tasks and services include the following:

* Receiving successful students in high school.
* Preparing medical examination forms for new students in the faculty.
* Preparing students' files and issuing cards for them.
* Preparing lists of the names of the students of the different teams in the faculty.
* Preparing lists of outstanding students for the disbursement of excellence reward to them.
* Preparing seating numbers for students.
* Issuance of enrollment certificates as well as suspension of academic enrollment.
* Preparing observation tables for exams and reviewing exam results.
* Preparing, receiving and keeping summer field training forms for students in factories, hospitals and pharmacies.
* Follow-up and preparation of recruitment forms.
Approval of residence forms in university cities.
* Determine the value of tuition fees annually in accordance with the regulations and laws regulating this.
* Issuance of graduation certificates for the bachelor's degree.
* Extracting a transcript of grades for the courses the student is studying or a statement of what he previously studied at the undergraduate level, including study hours for each course.