Central Research Laboratory

  • Available devices
  • Vision , Mission , Objectives
  • The administrative structure
  • A picture of the work team

1-  LC-MS/MS device (Shimadzu, Japan)








2- Rotavapour evaporator (Buchi, Switzerland)








3-  Ultra-Sonic Water Bath (Elmasonic, Germany)

















The central research laboratory aims to provide state-of-art research activities, high caliber training for researchers, and to facilitate opportunities for collaborative multi-disciplinary research that ultimately leads to developing innovative Pharmaceuticals.


We aim to be a fully equipped research center that can effectively support cutting-edge research activities and enhance collaborative multi-disciplinary research activities in Faculty of Pharmacy - Ain Shams University. Such state-of-art research activities can be achieved via continuously promoting the resources of the central research laboratory, collaboration with various national and international organizations, and providing high caliber training opportunities for researchers to augment their research capabilities. These activities will provide opportunities for young researchers to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral studies with the ultimate goal of enhancing drug discovery, biomedical research and developing innovative Pharmaceuticals.


1. Provide state-of-art equipment and facilities to enable performing cutting-edge research techniques in Faculty of Pharmacy – Ain Shams University

2. Provide high caliber training for researchers to enhance their scientific research capabilities.

3. Encourage and facilitate opportunities of collaboration for Faculty of Pharmacy – Ain Shams University with researchers from various national and international institutes.