Department of Youth Welfare

The Youth Welfare Department gives students the opportunity to participate in various activities that are compatible with the personal preferences and capabilities of each student through the Students’ Union and the numerous committees and activities supervised by the department, which will be mentioned later under the “Student Activities in the Faculty ” section.

The department also provides a lot of assistance to students through the Social Solidarity Fund, including helping students who are financially unable, supporting university books, providing urgent assistance in the event of disasters - God forbid - or force majeure and emergency circumstances, and the fund also assists students in paying tuition fees the faculty ,or residence in the university city. Each of these items has special conditions to benefit from. Students should refer to Youth Welfare and the Social Solidarity Fund to provide assistance and advice.

Conditions for a student to receive aid:

The student should be regular.
The student must pay the tuition fees.
That the student be a newcomer to his band.
Bring a copy of the police report, such as: (removal of buildings -
Walls falling in the house...etc) in the case of emergency and force majeure.

How does the student obtain aid?

The student applies to youth welfare in the faculty to obtain a letter addressed to the social unit to which the student belongs.                                                               

The student submits the social research and is accompanied by an approved statement proving the family income (salary statement - pension in case of retirement or death - agricultural holding - administrative certificate for self-employment).
The student submits an application in the name of Mr. Prof. / Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Social Solidarity Fund.

Academic book support:

University book support is disbursed to faculty students, after studying their social conditions based on the presented social research.
The university book support form is filled out with the advice of the responsible specialist in the Youth Welfare Department.
Students who are eligible for support are announced in clear lists on the date that is determined according to work conditions and requirements.

Faculty student activities:

Through the Youth Welfare Department, students can participate in various activities that are compatible with the personal tendencies and abilities of each of them, through the Students' Union and the numerous committees and activities supervised by the department.

Students can join the membership of the Student Union in the various committees (sports - cultural and scientific - families - artistic - wandering and public services - social and excursions).

Conditions for applying for membership in the Student Union:
The student should have the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
To be characterized by upright morals and good reputation.
To be a regular student new to his band, who is not allowed to repeat it for any reason.
To be paid the union fees.
He should be highly active in the field of work of the committee in which he is nominating himself.
He should not have been sentenced to a penalty restricting his freedom, or a decision to forfeit him, or his membership in one of the student unions or its committees has been suspended.

(Student Union Committees)
The sports committee :

The Sports Committee is considered one of the most important committees of the Faculty Student Union, as it performs important functions in building the body and mind, as well as benefiting from the free time that students spend outside the lecture halls and laboratories. The Sports Committee is interested in many competitions for students such as: football, basketball, volleyball, and handball Table tennis, swimming, squash, karate, wrestling, boxing, fitness, athletics and speedball. These games of all kinds are played in the faculty and university playgrounds equipped for that under the supervision of specialists. There are also competitions for female students such as: basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, swimming, squash, and speedball, also under the supervision of specialists in these fields. The Sports Committee provides these male and female students with appropriate sports clothing for practicing these various activities, and qualifies them to participate in all competitions held by the faculty and university as well as other universities.

Cultural and Scientific Committee:

Cultural activities have a great role in unleashing the energies of young people, refining their literary talents, developing their abilities for sound logical thinking, and completing the cultural and scientific aspects in building their personality. Such activities unleash the student’s thinking and imagination in fields that are completely different from the field of study. Such as poetry competitions, stories, poems, literary essays, seminars, lectures, and poetry evenings that discuss and propose present problems and proposed solutions to address them, as well as literary publications and magazines that are considered a window through which students’ creativity appears to the outside community, under the supervision of specialized agencies in the fields of youth care and the leadership of faculty members and the assistance of Student unions.

Families Committee:

This committee is concerned with consolidating the human bonds between the students of the faculty and the community, and consolidating the cultural and scientific aspects of students, by contributing to charitable works such as visiting shelters and hospitals, carrying out scientific and recreational trips, holding cultural, religious and scientific seminars, editing wall magazines, holding parties, exchanging acquaintance visits, and solving psychological, social and academic problems of youth in A family atmosphere dominated by cooperation, understanding and love.

Technical Committee :

This committee is interested in practicing all arts such as (painting - plastic arts - painting on glass - sculpture - photography) as well as refining other artistic skills such as drawing on ceramics, making macrame shapes, burning shapes on wood and leather, drawing on lemon wood and other arts and skills.

Mobile and Public Services Committee:

The activities of the committee include participation in labor camps that serve the environment and indicative, cultural and educational camps. One of the characteristics of the mobile phone is that he is competent and able to carry out his duties, and that he loves his country and others, and he can participate in all camps, whether inside or outside Egypt.

The activity of the committee is Mobile in the following services:

(Training camps to hone scouting and guidance skills and talents, practicing social, artistic and cultural activities, cellular trips to practice outdoor life, public service, participation in environmental service convoys, social survey and medical convoys through the concepts of linking the university with the environment and society.

Social Committee and Trips:

This committee includes all social activities such as:

- Holding charitable exhibitions to help students buy the tools, clothes, and others they need.
- Social competitions, such as the competition for choosing the ideal male and female student.
- Research and social competitions at the faculty and university level.
- Social visits to charitable organizations and institutions.