Department of scientific and cultural relations

The department provides its services to faculty staff and their assistants in fields such as traveling on a scientific mission, secondment or scholarship. The member submits a request to the scientific department to which he is affiliated, then the approval of the department council and the Cultural Relations Committee and Prof / Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Prof / Dean of the Faculty and the Faculty Council, then send To the General Administration of Cultural Relations at the University for approval by Prof / Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Prof / President of the University.

The department is supervised by Prof / Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, and managed by Mr. Amr Mohamed, responsible for conferences, joint supervision and agreements: Mr.  Mohamed Desouky, responsible for scientific missions and internal scholarship: Mr. / Walid Hussein, and responsible for secretarial and archives. Mrs. Sayeda Mahmoud.

International agreements

Joint supervision


Scientific missions